So, about every Thursday, one of Random’s awesome floor cultures is assigned the task of feeding their hungry dormmates. Yesterday, it was BMF’s turn to run the study break, so we thought we’d have a tea party!

So, the 29th is Random Hall’s birthday, making this Wednesday (two days ago) Random’s 11th birthday celebration (Because being born on leap day makes you young and beautiful forever.) This appeared in the infinite to celebrate: (Photo courtesy of pweaver) That’s a giant Ozok. He’s kind of our mascot. He’s the familiar to our magical […]

Random Hall has a pretty nifty feature that I’d like to share. There’s this thing that tends to loom a few feet above your head (depending on hall tall you are) within the dormitory. It is composed of many rectangular tiles, stays at a constant height, exists on every floor, and keeps us from falling […]

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