“We play lots of board games. We like arguing about math and science. Oh, and we’re also the least straight floor in Random — we counted.”— Isaac, Pecker resident

Once, a long time ago, the residents of Pecker were so good at math that, had several of them formed a team for the Putnam competition rather than take it themselves, they would have soundly defeated the official MIT team for that year. While this may no longer be the case — at least, according to the upperclassmen of Pecker — the floor still maintains much of its scholarly reputation — intellectual debate continues unabated in the kitchen, both undergraduate and graduate student-led lectures are occasionally hosted in the lounge, and in the small walkway between the kitchen and lounge lies a nerd-sniping board, inspired by this xkcd comic, which lies in wait as chalkboards are wont to do and entraps students looking for a quick break from working on psets.

The floor isn’t completely without its fun, however. Nearly every Friday the floor runs Pecker Board Game Night for anyone and everyone willing to come play board games and card games together, and the aforementioned intellectual debates often degrade along hilarious tangents as the hours pass and the inhabitants grow weary of engaging in purely serious conversation.

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