“I think the general things people say is that Loop defies explanation. But ignoring that, cats? baking? floor dinners? the abstract notion of fluffy warm and fuzzy?” — Sarah, Loop cruft

“We describe ourselves as ‘aggressively chill and quiet’. We bond over food with semester floor dinners and secret gift exchanges as well as lots and lots of baking. We seasonally decorate the floor with crafts. Also we have cats.” — Emily, Loop resident

Loop is a tight-knit community of women with an eclectic mix of majors, minors, hobbies, sexual orientations, and tastes in movies. We have three cats who range in attitude from promiscuously cuddly to lovably standoffish. In our kitchen, which studies show features the cleanest water in Random, you can find us baking, pan-frying dumplings, singing along to musicals, and having conversations both fascinating and silly. Our interests span such diverse topics as physics, political philosophy, feminism, linguistics, video games, chocolate, space, and books (we have a substantial book collection right here in our lounge!).

Loop is a fairly insular floor, but this does not mean we are not sociable. We love to watch cartoons and queer movies in our lounge and hold delicious vegetarian floor dinners. We are civically involved, with more than five residents on ExecComm, JudComm, and holding chairships in Random, and several residents with positions at the UA, The Tech, and Solidarity MIT. We also have the most MIT Science Fiction Society keyholders per capita of any floor in Random.

Loop Floor: Come for the cats, stay for the social awareness.

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Updated: February 2, 2017

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