“Welcome to Foo Random Hall’s most exclusive floor, set at the base of the Two-Ninety Side in lovely Cambridge, Massachusetts. Foo is home to the largest lounge in all of Random Hall, complete with adjoining kitchen and large-screen television. Members have full access to the ever-popular Foo bar. Included in this wonderful floor are the Front Desk and the Soda Fridge, where many refreshing beverages and snacks may be purchased*. However, in order to keep our exclusivity at a maximum, full membership is limited to three individuals. We hope that you will -try to- join us.” — Clint, Foo resident

The least-populated floor of Random Hall, Foo (first floor, 290 Mass Ave) houses three male residents who all live in the back half of the building on the right side. Unlike the other floors of Random Hall, Foo has a much larger lounge with an attached kitchen, along with an island countertop that residents call the Foo bar — this space is often used for dorm-wide events such as study breaks and house meetings as well as large CPW events like LN2 ice cream.

Foo also houses Random Hall front desk, the services of which are available to all Random Hall residents and include but are not limited to vacuum-borrowing, shop keys, soda fridge, and packages.

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