FAQ – Before you ask J. Arthur

Just to forestall some of the common questions we think we might hear, J. Arthur Random can answer some right now!

Q: You guys are awesome! How do I get into†MIT?

A: Unfortunately, J. Arthur Random neither holds power over nor in any way represents†the admissions office. If you really want to know about the admissions process for MIT, we recommend the official admissions website.

Q: Where is Random Hall, and why is it so far away?

A: Random is located up Mass. Ave, about 3 blocks away from lobby 7. To get there, you can follow our chalk trail during CPW (most of which will hopefully not be rained out). Alternatively, from the student center face 77 Mass Ave. and turn left. Stay on the Student Center side of the road and walk until you find Random. In case you get lost, we’re right between a Sunoco gas station and what will soon be yet another shiny new Novartis building.

As for being far away, well, we can’t help that, can we? But here’s an interesting fact: Random is the exact same distance away from 77 Mass. Ave (lobby 7) as Burton-Conner, in the middle of dorm row. Conclusion: we aren’t that far away from the action.

Q: How big is Random Hall?

A: Random Hall has ~93 beds, giving us the distinction of being the smallest dorm on campus.

Q: Does Random have single-sex or co-ed floors?

A: Random has both single-sex and co-ed floors. There are two all-female floors (BMF and Loop), two all-male (Foo, Destiny), and four co-ed floors (Bonfire, Black Hole, Pecker, Clam).

Q: What do all these weird names mean and why do people refer to them like places?

A: Random Hall is divided up into two sections by a fire barrier, with connections on the first and third stories. Each floor resides on either side of this barrier, and each one has its own unique name and culture. For reference, the floors are (from bottom to top, by building label): 282 Mass Ave – Destiny, Loop, Clam, Bonfire; 290 Mass Ave – Foo, Black Hole, BMF, Pecker.