Destiny: here resides a group of guys that have driven 45 minutes just to visit an Arby’s. We love making off-, and on-, color jokes, video games, and just hanging out. A warning to the sensitive, our humor tends toward the caustic. We have bonded together over a collection of shitty memes, and our love of Todd Smith, the guy on the back of the Honey Bunches of Oats box.

On the up side, we have two smart TVs, thousands of watts of audio power, two media servers, and the highest refrigerator to resident ratio. We also have a communal fish tank because we though Flavor Blasted Pizza made a good name for a goldfish. Many of the Destiny residents are avid builders who have spearheaded the acquisition of a laser cutter for Random, and are frequently seen working on projects in the kitchen.

We also like Taylor Swift, and worship her on our kitchen television.

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