“Clam is a social floooooooooor!” — Bobby and Fangfei, Clam cruft, to the tune of Frozen‘s “Love is an Open Door”

As a floor, Clam embodies the spirit of the modern geek — most denizens play video games, troll each other, and lean either computer science or electrical engineering. Their lounge is a mess, with game consoles and cartridges strewn across the floor between wires and controllers and a several stacks of game cases, both new and old and in various states of completion for various residents. In the kitchen, there is hardly a place to eat — in its place are the computers and the keyboards and the monitors, nearly permanent fixtures at the dinner table as a testament to their importance in the day-to-day routine of a Clam.

Clams enjoy going out together as a floor for dinner every few months, and running floor events such as Clopen Mic Night and the occasional XΛM bid dinner. (Clam is now also occasionally a sorority.) In the lounge sits a quote board, on which humorous statements made by Clams and friends are temporarily memorialized, then overwritten by Tichu scores.

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