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[disclaimer: all opinions expressed here are my own, not those of Random Hall as a whole or of MIT, blah blah etc.] Hello, dear readers! (Does anyone still read this blog?) I just spent the past weekend helping the Free Software Foundation run LibrePlanet 2017 at MIT’s own Stata Center. LibrePlanet is a conference for […]

The past weekend has been a special kind of code monkey hell for me. I’ve woken up, gotten on my laptop, debugged a few things, grabbed some kind of sustenance, gone back to my laptop, debugged a few more things, Google’d a bunch of incomprehensible error codes, and reinstalled three different operating systems no less […]

As a segue into this week’s post and a return to our more regular blogging, here’s another image of some food I made: These little balls of mung bean fried in a rice flour dough and rolled in sesame seeds are bánh cam, a Southern Vietnamese sweet food. There also exist a Northern Vietnamese variant, […]

Bots and Analytics

02 Apr 15

So I’ve spent the past few days adding some Google Analytics tracking to the site. It’s just some pageview tracking and a small timeout snippet that sends a ‘ping’ type thing to Analytics when someone’s been on a page for longer than fifteen seconds, but in the interest of transparency and full disclosure I’ll be […]

Busy Busy Beavers

20 Mar 15

Since around two weeks ago, when I started experimenting with tofu and going purposefully part-time vegan, I’ve been making spicy tofu. I’ve been simmering it in chili sauce, throwing it in some spicy miso soup, and stir-frying it with a pan full of small red peppers, Capsicum annuum, either chopped or whole and occasionally exploding from the heat […]

One of the services that Random Hall has always boasted is the laundry server. While other dorms may outsource their work to check the status of their laundry, the laundry server is entirely run by the laundry chairs and the computer chairs. As with any software, laundry server has several areas of suckiness (fortunately, […]

Random Hall has this wonderful thing called the Alice and Wonderland basement, lovingly referred to as AIW. It has a projector, a screen on the wall, couches, and various media equipment. Unfortunately, the receiver is out of service at the moment, which means that the nice Bose speakers are similarly incapacitated. Zev, a Random Hall […]

One of the activities many Random Hall residents enjoy is the construction of, and experimentation with, various kinds of electronics. I recently completed an electronics project which is posted on my door (Room 244), so come check it out during Rush. I’ve posted some photos and a writeup at .

Welcome to Random!

09 Apr 07

Hi! I’m ternus, one of the Random Rush Chairs, and I’ll be helping ensure that you all have a great time during CPW. I live on Black Hole, the second floor on the 290-side, and one of two co-ed floors in Random. The residents of Black Hole are renowned for our consummate appreciation of computer […]

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