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Yesterday was the annual Revere Beach Sand-sculpting Festival at Revere Beach in Revere, MA. Despite the possibility of thunderstorms and rain that weekend, vendors and visitors alike flocked to the festival via the MBTA blue line and other methods of transportation. There was live music, boardwalk food and rides, plenty of sand, and a promise […]

Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a series of short, weekly updates related to Random Hall! In this week’s news: @ According to an email from ResLife, Random Hall interior repairs will be done by August 12th, though the roofdeck will take through late-September, in part due to materials not arriving until mid-August; […]

Hi everyone :) So lucci asked me if I would write for the random hall blog, and I was like “sure, why not” so I guess I’m here now. There hasn’t really been anything interesting recently to write about, so lucci said I should do an introductions-y post, which is what this is, I guess. […]

O Canada

05 Jul 16

So July 4th happened. That night, I went out with Anthony L.’15 and William N.’17 to stand by the MIT side of the Charles River and watch fireworks. We listened to explosions set to the timing of the perennial favorite ‘God Bless America’, alongside such American classics as Adele’s ‘Hello’, DNCE’s ‘Cake by the Ocean’, […]

(Or, the official colonization of New House Houses 5 and 6 by the displaced summer residents of Random Hall, as mandated by the Powers That Be running MIT ResLife.) We finally finished moving in to New House yesterday afternoon, when the movers brought in the last truckload of boxes from Random Hall to New House. […]

Irony is Bonfire, the floor so-named not because of its penchant for fire but due to laziness on the part of its residents, catching on fire one summer day through no obvious fault of its residents. Irony is the Random Hall residents, being told this morning that, due to water damage in our dorm, we […]

Five Minutes

21 Jun 16

Random Hall caught on fire today. I was bustling around in Clam kitchen, clearing up dishes, with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD playing in the background and Erons, Random Hall’s resident non-resident, fiddling with something at the kitchen table. There was not much to do, it being summer and all, so I paced aimlessly from my […]

Oh hey, it’s the end of the semester already. Doesn’t time just seem to fly as you get older? (I have yet to find any hard science that backs up this claim, but have once heard someone suggest that, as we get older, our perception of time warps because we have more experiences and time […]

The Interlude

05 Dec 15

I woke up this morning to the blessed sound of silence. No alarms, no buzzing phones, no emails clamoring for my immediate attention. No desk. No class. Just me, and a warm body, and the blinds drawn nearly shut, letting in a sliver of light that gently illuminated the room without being too harsh. I […]


28 Nov 15

So after ranting at one of my best friends, bawling my eyes out on the way to class, and going to H-mart to buy some groceries, I found myself, quite strangely, once again at peace. Sure, I had still bombed a quiz, given two bad presentations, failed to impress my professors, and generally made a […]

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