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Click Adventure

20 Aug 16

So remember that Random Hall Click Adventure I promised a while ago in one of last summer’s blog posts to the frosh? Or maybe it was something I wrote leaving my freshman year, for the class of 2018. It was going to be an epic virtual romp through the dorm, complete with easter eggs and […]

(Yes. This joke has been made before. In my defense, Elaine P.’19 came up with it within hours of the game coming out, due to its effect on the clam-hole residents, so it’s kinda relevant.) If you’ve been on the internet or listened to the news or basically been anywhere besides under a rock for […]

Oh hey, it’s the end of the semester already. Doesn’t time just seem to fly as you get older? (I have yet to find any hard science that backs up this claim, but have once heard someone suggest that, as we get older, our perception of time warps because we have more experiences and time […]

The past weekend has been a special kind of code monkey hell for me. I’ve woken up, gotten on my laptop, debugged a few things, grabbed some kind of sustenance, gone back to my laptop, debugged a few more things, Google’d a bunch of incomprehensible error codes, and reinstalled three different operating systems no less […]

In Progress

30 Apr 15

Fangfei S. ’13 came by a few days ago while I was at desk and handed me a little Ziploc bag of kumquats. They were so cute, I wanted to give them all names and little smiley faces and adopt them as my babies. There were around twenty of them, all small and oblong and […]

One Ring(s)

22 Apr 15

(The obligatorily badly-punned title because I am too tired to be clever.) MIT’s Class of 2017 finally got its Brass Rat today. For the uninitiated, the Brass Rat is effectively MIT’s class ring, designed by the appropriate class-elected ring committee and unveiled to MIT undergraduates during our sophomore year. Back in February, we had all […]

A CPW Preview

09 Apr 15

(aka a Campus Preview Weekend preview choose-your-own-adventure post, because it’s been an unexciting week and I am wholly unimaginative.) In less than a week, y’all are going to descend on MIT like a storm of overly-excited birds, ready to take on the bubble that is the MIT campus and experience all the cool stuff we […]

A Week at MIT

11 Mar 15

Things I did in the past 7 days: – play Dust: An Elysian Tail – play League of Legends – go to this really creative play called “Tristan and Yseult” at the ArtsEmerson Majestic Theatre – practice DJing vinyls at WMBR (the MIT community’s radio station! it’s super fun) – eat Venezuelan food at Orinoco […]

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