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Another week, another installment of your weekly Random Hall-related summer readings. Feels just like high school English class all over again, doesn’t it? So you all should have had over a week now to get accustomed to the idea of where you’ll be staying for the first week or so before the fall semester. At […]

Oh hey there, reader(s). It’s been approximately a week since the last Random Hall-related post, which means we are just in time for the next installment of your summer reading! By now, you’ve hopefully found out where you’ll be temporarily lodging for the duration of REX. If you haven’t yet, though, that’s also fine — […]

First of all, welcome, prefrosh! You should have all gotten your rooming assignments yesterday — if you still don’t know where you’re staying this REX, go triple check all your email addresses again or complain to MIT housing. :) For the rest of you, hi! Welcome to MIT. And Random Hall. But mostly MIT. I […]

I woke up this morning to the shocking realization that I’d already squandered away half of my summer without managing to write up a single blog post. In my defense, this was not for lack of interesting activities to blog about — in the past month and a half, I’ve designed a T-shirt, managed seven […]

The past two weeks passed by in a blur. I spent much of the entire time punting this blog post, telling myself that I would write it tomorrow or the next day or even the day after that, when I would have more time to put down my thoughts and feelings while not tethered to […]

The past weekend has been a special kind of code monkey hell for me. I’ve woken up, gotten on my laptop, debugged a few things, grabbed some kind of sustenance, gone back to my laptop, debugged a few more things, Google’d a bunch of incomprehensible error codes, and reinstalled three different operating systems no less […]

In Progress

30 Apr 15

Fangfei S. ’13 came by a few days ago while I was at desk and handed me a little Ziploc bag of kumquats. They were so cute, I wanted to give them all names and little smiley faces and adopt them as my babies. There were around twenty of them, all small and oblong and […]

There’s a light in the front half of my dormitory room that went out several months ago. Rather than call facilities to ask for it repaired, I let it stay out; I decided that I didn’t really need that light, that I was slightly reducing my energy consumption, and that I aesthetically liked the darkness […]

One Ring(s)

22 Apr 15

(The obligatorily badly-punned title because I am too tired to be clever.) MIT’s Class of 2017 finally got its Brass Rat today. For the uninitiated, the Brass Rat is effectively MIT’s class ring, designed by the appropriate class-elected ring committee and unveiled to MIT undergraduates during our sophomore year. Back in February, we had all […]

As a segue into this week’s post and a return to our more regular blogging, here’s another image of some food I made: These little balls of mung bean fried in a rice flour dough and rolled in sesame seeds are b├ính cam, a Southern Vietnamese sweet food. There also exist a Northern Vietnamese variant, […]

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