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Click Adventure

20 Aug 16

So remember that Random Hall Click Adventure I promised a while ago in one of last summer’s blog posts to the frosh? Or maybe it was something I wrote leaving my freshman year, for the class of 2018. It was going to be an epic virtual romp through the dorm, complete with easter eggs and […]

Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a series of short, weekly updates related to Random Hall! In this week’s news: @ According to an email from ResLife, Random Hall interior repairs will be done by August 12th, though the roofdeck will take through late-September, in part due to materials not arriving until mid-August; […]

Why Random?

24 Apr 16

After going to “Chemistry and Cake” during REX, I decided to switch into Random Hall less than 7 hours before the lottery deadline. The event itself was what you would expect from a REX event on chemistry; Random Hall chem majors and friends talked about their research while we all ate chocolate cake. What won […]

When I first came to MIT as a bright-eyed young frosh, I was placed in my first-choice dorm, Next House. (I think my top four were Next, Simmons, Maseeh, and then Random.) I’d been to some good dinners at Next over CPW, and it seemed like a friendly, peaceful place with nice people. Random had […]

Whoooooooooo~~~!! So it’s finally REX proper, which means that, by today, most if not all of you should be at MIT, safely ensconced within your temporary rooms in your temporary dorms (unless you’re in McCormick — then you’re there for the entire semester, at the very least). The desk workers are checking in the last […]

Late. Laaaaate. Such late. Much wow. In other words, it’s time for the second to last installment of your summer reading and the third installment of the “Oh God I Can’t Believe I Forgot to Write This and Left It Off for Three Weeks” blog series. We’ll be looking at things to bring, things to […]

Part two of the “Oh God It’s Almost REX and I’m So Many Posts Behind Schedule” series of blog posts. Is it bad that I’m taking so little time to write each of these up? I can’t help but feel like writing a series of helpful things for freshmen to know should be harder than […]

(Yes, this post is multiple weeks overdue. As it turns out, it’s really hard to teach high school students, do summer work, and keep up with the blog at the same time. @_@ ) It’s a Saturday, which means I should have had this post written over three weeks ago or something and scheduled for […]

Another week, another installment of your weekly Random Hall-related summer readings. Feels just like high school English class all over again, doesn’t it? So you all should have had over a week now to get accustomed to the idea of where you’ll be staying for the first week or so before the fall semester. At […]

Oh hey there, reader(s). It’s been approximately a week since the last Random Hall-related post, which means we are just in time for the next installment of your summer reading! By now, you’ve hopefully found out where you’ll be temporarily lodging for the duration of REX. If you haven’t yet, though, that’s also fine — […]

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