“Bonfire is not a hive mind.” – Bonfire residents

Bonfire is the top floor in Random Hall. Their parties are the classiest, their floor dinners have made lesser cooks weep in jealousy, and their study breaks are the stuff of legend.

At any given time Bonfire might be a silent place of study or a party full of people from all corners of campus. In the morning, you may hear anything from Classical Music to Screamo. If you come back later in the morning, you might hear Bonfaari in their grave discussions of current events, life’s deepest mysteries, and problem sets. Late into the morning, as the moon hangs over Random Hall, ICEy sCREAMs can be heard from the mysterious hooded figures who gather in the lounge, whispering strange secrets to unknown gods as they munch on the night’s snack–rifices.

It’s always morning on Bonfire.

An independently conducted study found Bonfaari to be 6 times more clever, agile, and physically fit than the average MIT student (Bonfire 2015). They throw parties, they channel dark forces, they paint and build and explore and code and heal and create.

If you have a vision, you will find people on Bonfire who can make it happen.

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Updated: February 2, 2017

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