“Um. We’re awesome?” — [redacted], BMF resident

“Come rub your face in our cake.” — BMF resident

We do a lot of cooking—whether we’re learning how to use the tea kettle to boil water to pour over our dry-af extra spicy instant ramen, whipping up some Flour Bakery focaccia, or stuffing black sesame tangyuan by hand for Chinese New Year.

We also love to paint, draw, write, play piano, violin, and guitar, drink tea, go hacking, build (and break) things, and watch movies. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together, listening to all types of music, psetting, and cooking food. And, like most floors, we enjoy the occasional spicy meme.

We’ve got a maybe 1 (?), a 2, a 3, two 4’s, three 5’s, three and a maybe 6 (decisions are hard), a maybe 7, three 8’s, a 9, an 11 (maybe…), maybe a 12 (idk man), a 16, one (or maybe two… or three) 18’s, and maybe a 69 or a 420 (lel jk but seriously, we’re diverse).

We also love cats and puppies, but we’re not allowed to have any so Miranda bought 7 gold fish and a stuffed polar bear.

Fun fact: we house the entire Irish undergraduate population in a 5s.

Also… we a little bit gay. Ok maybe significantly more than the statistical average. Also ace. Also straight. RAINBOWS. WE LOVE EVERYONE. WOOOOOO.

We are the supremum of chill. Come visit us!

ps we’re all girls, sry bois.

Nobody is too sure what the name of our floor is anymore. Bad Motherfucking Females. Badass Motherfucking Females. Badass Mother-Fuckers.

Nobody is too sure what we *do*, either. Baking is common, but our skill sets range from Baking Masterful Fruitcakes to Baking Multitudinous Failures. When my day (or week, or month) was in a Badly Mangled Form, these were the people that quietly helped pick me up. On a Boring, Mundane Friday, this was the company that I could hang out and have fun with.

We have a lot in common. And we also don’t. And that’s okay because I found the Best Motherfucking Family I could have that year.

— BMF resident

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