Black Hole

“Welcome to Black Hole. Like every other floor in this dorm, we are the nerdy floor. In our case, our brand of nerdy falls along the lines of tabletop role-playing games and live-action role-playing games. We also like to cook and bake — there were cookies over there just a few minutes ago.” — Will, Black Hole cruft

On the surface the Black Hole community is held together by mutual interests — nearly all residents have LARP’d, cosplay’d, and/or been involved in a tabletop RPG at some point or another. Beyond this, however, the denizens of Black Hole have a very strong sense of community — the Black Hole extended family both consists of more cruft (ex-undergrads and/or ex-Randomites) and keeps in closer touch with their cruft than any other floor in Random.

Though technically a cat floor, cat ownership is largely confined to the lounge side, allowing those with cat allergies to still live on the floor. Aside from cats, in the lounge can also be found beanbags, a Viking smut collection, and two halves of a bookshelf containing sex-related books and space-related books respectively, joined in the middle by a book appropriately titled Sex in Space.

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