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Beef Cookies

22 May 09

You know what’s delicious? Beef. You know what else is delicious? Cookies. Applying the linearity o the delicious operator, Beef cookies must also be delicious. Of course, being scientists, we had to empirically verify this conclusion. And so last week fischerl, pweaver, and I decided to make some delicious beef cookies Crumbling cookies, baked with […]

I somehow failed to think of a pun (which is something that is very rare for me…) for the title, so I had to settle with the above. Anyway, the other day, somewhere between 600 and 700 Smart Start bowls mystically appeared on Pecker Floor. No one quite knows how they got there–quite likely the […]

Random Hall has a pretty nifty feature that I’d like to share. There’s this thing that tends to loom a few feet above your head (depending on hall tall you are) within the dormitory. It is composed of many rectangular tiles, stays at a constant height, exists on every floor, and keeps us from falling […]

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