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Greetings, freshman, and welcome to MIT. I see you’re looking at Random Hall as a possible place to live. While Random is not for everyone, it’s certainly a place that I enjoy very much. If you have the time, I’d like to take you on a visual tour of Random Hall during the summer nighttime […]

One of the activities many Random Hall residents enjoy is the construction of, and experimentation with, various kinds of electronics. I recently completed an electronics project which is posted on my door (Room 244), so come check it out during Rush. I’ve posted some photos and a writeup at .

CPW: Thursday

13 Apr 07

Welcome to Random Hall! Click the link below for more pictures of the first day of CPW.

CPW Schedule!

12 Apr 07

Here it is: the list of events that Random Hall is hosting for CPW! Hope to see you there! Thursday, April 12Make Your Own Truffles3:17pm-5:17pm3D Twister5:17pmRandom Puzzles5:17pm-8:17pm Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream7:47pm“Bad Science” Movie Night11:17pmParanoia XP at Midnight1:17am  Friday, April 13Make Your Own Donuts11:17amDuct Tape Construction12:17pm-2:17pmBoard Games4:17pm-6:17pmFort Awesome Robotics Expo4:30pmThird Floor Banquet6:47pm-8:17pmLiquid Nitrogen Ice Cream8:17pmCheesy Sci-Fi Night10:17pmRHOP […]

Welcome to Random!

09 Apr 07

Hi! I’m ternus, one of the Random Rush Chairs, and I’ll be helping ensure that you all have a great time during CPW. I live on Black Hole, the second floor on the 290-side, and one of two co-ed floors in Random. The residents of Black Hole are renowned for our consummate appreciation of computer […]

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