Click Adventure

20 Aug 16

So remember that Random Hall Click Adventure I promised a while ago in one of last summer’s blog posts to the frosh? Or maybe it was something I wrote leaving my freshman year, for the class of 2018. It was going to be an epic virtual romp through the dorm, complete with easter eggs and a side quest and maybe some kind of dating sim. Hm.

Either way, it’s happening! For real this time.

I finally sat down for a few good solid weekends during our exile in New House and finished typing up the big parts that still hadn’t been planned. And then I put it all together yesterday while I was supposed to be watching a bunch of high school students at Junction, and I released it to the denizens of zephyr to test it out.

(Already they have found typos and inaccuracies and technical difficulties abound, which is exactly why I released it to the denizens of zephyr first. Those guys are brutal.)

For now, the link to the actual click adventure is here. It’ll open promptly on August 25th, 2016 at 8am, though if you go link-trawling and try some random urls out, you might find the beta link that is currently being played through on zephyr. :D