Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a series of short, weekly updates related to Random Hall! In this week’s news:

@ According to an email from ResLife, Random Hall interior repairs will be done by August 12th, though the roofdeck will take through late-September, in part due to materials not arriving until mid-August;

@ Fall residents with summer housing are scheduled to move back into Random starting August 12th through August 15th, and all Random Hall summer residents will be provided with assistance in moving to their fall assignments;

@ Thanks to Katie M.’19 and Ian C.’19, all REX events for Random Hall have been scheduled and submitted, with over 60 events scheduled to run in total from Aug 22nd to Sep 2nd;

@ Due to the aforementioned roofdeck repairs, REX events on the roofdeck will be moved to somewhere else, though this “somewhere else” has yet to be determined by our overlords, the Division of Student Life (DSL).