Yesterday was the annual Revere Beach Sand-sculpting Festival at Revere Beach in Revere, MA. Despite the possibility of thunderstorms and rain that weekend, vendors and visitors alike flocked to the festival via the MBTA blue line and other methods of transportation. There was live music, boardwalk food and rides, plenty of sand, and a promise of spectacular fireworks that evening.

There were also rumors of a dratini spawn and incoming absurdly hot weather, so ESP’s summer admins did the sensible thing.


We went to the beach!

To be fair, the trip wasn’t all ESP summer admins, and not all summer admins went on the trip. Rather, it was several blocks of people who happened to all plan to go at around the same time on the same day, including the aforementioned ESPhun group that went first at 10am, a combination Pikan-cruft group that met up with the first ESPhun group at roughly noon, a secondary ESPhun group that arrived later at around 2pm, a small New Random coalition that arrived much later and basically missed everyone else, etc. Activities were varied, from digging holes and building trenches to tossing beach balls around to taking selfies.

(I didn’t get any photos of our fabulous mud hole and canal that collected and diverted water when the tide went in, but we also did that.)

Navarre and I went to stare at some sand sculptures at some point, and I ran into the second ESPhun group after leaving him at the food trucks to buy a drink.


(A small child apparently ran under my selfie stick at this point, but neither Joanna S.’19 nor I noticed because we were busy taking selfies. Margaret S.’19 and Marianne O.’19 did notice, however, hence the looks of surprise and “LOLOL”.)

A few of us attempted to catch some exciting new Pokémon at the beach, but aside from a Dratini that spawned right as we arrived and a Kabuto that showed up when a small group headed up the beach to stare at the sand sculptures, there wasn’t anything exciting to catch. For the most part, I ended up abandoning my phone by the towels and ran to play in the water instead, in between bouts of returning to land to move our things up to avoid the rising tide.

We got back on the Blue Line at around 3pm, when the tide had risen up enough to push us back against the part of the sand that was actually hot and William was no longer as excited about the water. Sadly, we missed running into the small New Random contingent that was also planning to come to the beach that day, but we also avoided the thunderstorm that they apparently fell straight into, so. :)