Hi everyone :)

So lucci asked me if I would write for the random hall blog, and I was like “sure, why not” so I guess I’m here now. There hasn’t really been anything interesting recently to write about, so lucci said I should do an introductions-y post, which is what this is, I guess.

A little bit about myself: I’m a course 5 and 6-3 (weird combination, I know), class of ’17, and during term time I live on C4 in BC (which is the only reason why I haven’t moved to Random already). I was briefly a summertime Randomite and Bonfaari before the Great Random Hall Fire happened and am now a New Randomite living on Desmond-3. I guess I qualify as a friend of Random since I know approximately a third of the residents (which really isn’t that impressive given how small it is) through either ESP or Squares or just hanging out in Random, and I think I might have made a cameo appearance in Random’s i3 video this year (something something I’m a course 5 something something people needed for liquid nitrogen).

Common hangout locations include my room, the ESP office, the 5-2 kitchen, and randomly around New Random. Common term time Random-based hangout locations include Clam, Bonfire and Black Hole. Common activities (for now) include derping on the internet, living in my lab, ESP-related things, Pokemon Go (obviously), and complaining about the state of the 5-2 kitchen (but actually though, why can’t people respect shared kitchen space) and going on a mad cleaning spree whenever the clean freak in me simply cannot stand the state of the kitchen.

I’ll probably post something more interesting when something interesting happens (like going to the beach next week :O)

2 Responses to “printf(“Hello world\n”);”  

  1. 1 songela

    print “Hello world” # so much cleaner
    (to be fair, I haven’t used C at all–but everything I’ve done besides APCS was in Python, so I prefer Python by default.)

  2. 2 lucci

    B-but C is so much more h4rdk0r3.