Irony is Bonfire, the floor so-named not because of its penchant for fire but due to laziness on the part of its residents, catching on fire one summer day through no obvious fault of its residents.

Irony is the Random Hall residents, being told this morning that, due to water damage in our dorm, we would be moving to New House.

Irony is me, walking up Dorm Row once again to get to main campus despite explicitly choosing to dorm at Random Hall this summer instead of Epsilon Theta because I did not want to make the trek up Dorm Row to get to main campus.

It’s 2pm on a Wednesday and I’m sitting behind a desk, checking in Random Hall residents for New House.

Perhaps comforting is the thought that, even with a fire, Random Hall bureaucracy marches on.

The first thing set up in New House was the Random Hall desk computer. Julie and Kirk, with the help of some miscellaneous ResLife staff, brought the minor behemoth in, along with unlogged packages and mail and other such desk accessories.

Behold, the computer setup of a lifelong administrative office drone.

At 1:15pm, I started checking people in.

Clam and Black Hole were assigned the combined fifth floor in Houses 5 and 6, partially-separated by a large community kitchen complete with a long table for playing League. Loop and BMF went on the fourth floor, with stragglers in the third floor with Bonfire and Pecker. The second floor became host to the very poorly ship-named Destifoo and the Clam kitchen outpost. The first floor held the rest of the overflow.

French House kitchen, on the fifth floor, re-christened clam-motherfucking-hole.

My room, when I finally escaped the confines of desk to move things into it, was suspiciously missing a bed.

(A bed was later brought up.)

There was a house meeting, in which things were apparently not decided.

There was a nametag-making party, for labeling doors to rooms.

Clam and Black Hole got along well, as per usual, with an abundance of jokes about the Clam-Black Hole involuntary retreat house and camping trip.