Why Random?

24 Apr 16

After going to “Chemistry and Cake” during REX, I decided to switch into Random Hall less than 7 hours before the lottery deadline. The event itself was what you would expect from a REX event on chemistry; Random Hall chem majors and friends talked about their research while we all ate chocolate cake. What won me over was how chill everyone was while talking about their groundbreaking research, and afterward how one of the upperclassmen took the time to give me a personalized tour of Random and answer all the questions prefrosh me had about Random.

As I walked through the floors, I noticed the murals painted by residents before me, the decorations in the kitchen, and the uniquely warped floor in the basement named Alice in Wonderland. I breathed in fresh air on the newly renovated roofdeck. (Later, the roofdeck became a special place for my boyfriend and me. I couldn’t have predicted this at the beginning of the year, but it was a nice bonus.) It felt much more homey than dormy, and I decided to try my luck – successfully!

Now, I’ve lived here for a semester and some change. I love cooking with the new wok that we got with floor funds. I love how close Random is to the grocery store, so I can get baking supplies on a whim. I love that Random is on Mass Ave, so we’re more immersed in the city than the other dorms on dorm row (to be fair, I love the city, so your mileage may vary). I love staying up until odd hours hanging out with my floor mates – one time, we experimented with making brownies without butter and got something between fudge and cake.

Random is a place that fits my personality perfectly, and I’m so happy to celebrate with my family and home away from home. :)