So it’s finally REX proper, which means that, by today, most if not all of you should be at MIT, safely ensconced within your temporary rooms in your temporary dorms (unless you’re in McCormick — then you’re there for the entire semester, at the very least). The desk workers are checking in the last batch of pre-frosh today and tomorrow. Your FPOPs are finishing up if they aren’t already done, and if you’ve been here for a while, you probably have a good sense of where some dorms of interest might be.

There’s not much else to cover for pre-REX information, so today’s final summer reading will be fairly short. (Not short enough to forgo the <more> tag though. Sorry.)

rex – residential exploration

This is where you’ll probably spend most of your time. Officially, REX is from Aug 29th to Sept 2nd — all the undergraduate dorms basically throw tons and tons of fun events at most hours of the day in order to attract a ton of pre-frosh to the dorms and convince them that we’re the coolest living group on campus. Most of the dorm events are in the DormCon REX 2015 booklets that you should have gotten at check-in (besides Maseeh, which rage-quitted DormCon a while back and now has fliers at your local front desk).

For Random Hall, our full list of events can be found here. In addition, we have REX booklets at desk, along with the aforementioned fliers and probably personal event recommendations from whoever is working desk at the time.

fyre – first year residential exchange

So you’ve been to some events in the dorm you’re temp’d at, probably Random Hall given the readership, and maybe you’ve realized that you don’t quite fit in. And that’s entirely okay — the MIT campus is incredibly diverse, and we have a system in place for incoming freshmen to move out of their temporary dorms if they find out that the place they signed up for wasn’t actually all that they signed up for up close.

(Except you, McCormick. Due to logistical issues, McCormick doesn’t participate in FYRE.)

If you want to move out of your temp’d dorm, the first thing you should do is really figure out why you want to do it. Is it because you don’t like this dorm? Is it because you like another dorm better? Is it because your room in your current dorm sucks, and you think you’d do better in another dorm because you’d have a better room?

Whatever your reason, you’ll next want to fill out the First Year Residential Exchange form on this page. Having never moved in or out of Random Hall, I can’t say how easy the form is to fill out, but basically, you fill out that form, and you wait to see if your transfer goes through.

freshman orientation events

You may or may not be interested in going to these Institvte-run events. I went, and basically, it’s information that you could also get if you already dedicated much of your summer Googling about MIT like I did, or if you spent much time hanging around upperclassmen who liked dispensing general MIT advice, like me. It’s definitely less fun than REX, but you also get some good information out of it, so I would slightly recommend that you go.

Even if you don’t want to go to any of them, however, I would strongly recommend checking out the Activities Midway. You get to see all the cool student groups and clubs that operate at MIT, and maybe even learn something new about your interests if you find something that you previously didn’t know existed.

Above all, have fun but don’t forget to take care of yourself. It’s really easy at MIT to get caught up in the moment and want to do everything, but remember that your body is a machine that requires downtime and maintenance and probably food, and it can’t run forever on LN2 ice cream and the hopes and dreams of overly-enthusiastic college students. Take some time to take breaks and naps and maybe even a full night of sleep, and you’ll feel much better in the long run. :)

Welcome to MIT, and I look forward to seeing you at our events.