As a segue into this week’s post and a return to our more regular blogging, here’s another image of some food I made:

2015-04-15 01.11.10

These little balls of mung bean fried in a rice flour dough and rolled in sesame seeds are bánh cam, a Southern Vietnamese sweet food. There also exist a Northern Vietnamese variant, bánh rán, and a similar Cantonese sweet food, 煎堆.

The past few weeks have been busy, as usual. But with CPW less than 24 hours away and my prefrosh coming tomorrow afternoon — hi prefrosh! — things are looking to wind down a bit for the weekend — at least, for those of us who’ve planned our weeks out nicely enough in advance that we no longer have to worry about work for the rest of this week.

Hint: I am not one of those people.

I spent the past hour or so this morning cleaning my room. It was a mighty undertaking, worthy of inclusion among the great feats of Gilgamesh and Beowulf and Heracles, and by the end of the half hour I had gotten it to a slightly less non-presentable state — the piles of scrap work had been recycled, the clothes had been more discreetly swept under the bed, and the trash can had been given an actual trash bag into which could be thrown trash. Of course I still need to pick the rest of the stuff up off the floor and find my prefrosh a place to sleep tomorrow night.

I have more than once during today’s venture considered just giving her my bed and sleeping in a lounge somewhere. Alas, the air conditioner in my room is too nice, and I really don’t want to sleep on that sketchy beanbag in BMF lounge.

Tomorrow I have a presentation for Japanese class, as well as a quiz for 24.900. Tonight I have a meeting and work session for ESP’s Junction program. I still haven’t finished my 6.01 weekly exercises and I still need to get started on that 6.036 project due next Friday. And then there’s the annotation practice exercises I should have done for my UROP meeting in a week.

In other news, the Random Hall Tour Click Adventure went up on time this morning. In the next few weeks I will hopefully have time to add more interesting side quests and pictures and alternative paths, including a few silly things some people had suggested earlier, but for now it is functional and has the bare minimum of things required to be technically “complete”, and I have so much work to catch up on that it probably won’t change for a while.

CPW is nigh, and the prefrosh are excited. I should probably also send someone out to buy ingredients for the Random Hall Saturday night potluck. :|