Random Hall has a pretty nifty feature that I’d like to share. There’s this thing that tends to loom a few feet above your head (depending on hall tall you are) within the dormitory. It is composed of many rectangular tiles, stays at a constant height, exists on every floor, and keeps us from falling down to the floor below us (and the rain from falling in on us). Many people call this thing a ceiling. Quite fascinating, really.

Anyway, the ceiling tiles around Random are much more exciting than your average ceiling tile, as they are equipped with dried paint. We thusly have some fascinating ceiling tiles on our ceilings.


In BMF lounge, there are paintings of a bunch of classes, most of which are GIRs (General Institute Requirements…the classes everyone needs to take in order to graduate, regardless of his/her major).
(8.012! Now with: Capstan Problem)

Click the link below for more photos of our awesome ceiling tiles!

(8.012 again! Because it is that awesome)

(It’s like Final Fantasy, but physicier. So much better than FF8)

(5.11x, with complementary horrible glare)

(Hurrah for electricity and magnetism)

(8.022, again. One of the awesomest tiles ever. Notice the fish. He’s there for the Poisson Equation)

(Pretty 18.02 ceiling tile. Too bad you can’t make out the words on it from this photo)

(18.100B. There is one error in the proof on this ceiling tile. First one to leave a comment saying what the error is gets 17 points)

We also have some other random pictures around like
Periodic Table
(Note: typing this into your Athena account–or any Linux machine for that matter–will erase everything you own, causing a fit of much loling for everyone else and sadness for you)

In Clam, we have

And Foo has
Amazingly Awesome Blue
(So blueee……)
Snakes on a Plane
(note the Ozok, here to save the day)
(Fear the Nose!)
Ozok the Destroyer
(Also, fear the Ozok the Destroyer!)
Ozok in Space

There are also many others, but you’ll have to visit to see them all.