Welcome to Random!

09 Apr 07


I’m ternus, one of the Random Rush Chairs, and I’ll be helping ensure that you all have a great time during CPW.

I live on Black Hole, the second floor on the 290-side, and one of two co-ed floors in Random. The residents of Black Hole are renowned for our consummate appreciation of computer science geekery, video gaming, and tabletop roleplaying games. We also enjoy cooking—according to Wikipedia, we have the nicest kitchen in Random; if Wikipedia says so, it must be true, right?

One reason that I enjoy living in Random Hall is its great sense of community. One of the things that makes Random unique is that, with less than 100 residents, it is possible to know everyone living in your dorm. This tends to create strong ties between Randomites: Random is a very social environment, and being able to walk onto any floor in the dorm and immediately strike up a conversation with the residents thereof is one thing that makes Random such a special place to live.

Randomites as a whole are also known for our love of technology, and we’re fond of using technology to make our lives easier. As Random’s Computer Chair, I’m responsible for maintaining our world-famous Bathroom Server, which allows Randomites to view which bathrooms are in use (and for how long). This comes in handy, especially during (say) Finals week, when everyone in the dorm is waking up at about the same time, and the nearest free bathroom may be 1-2 floors away. (Don’t worry—our floors are small!) Additionally, our Laundry Server tells us when our laundry is done—useful if you live on the fourth floor and don’t want to walk downstairs to check the status of the (free!) laundry machines.

As kevinr pointed out, we also love cooking. Star Market is right next door and very convenient—who needs a convenience store when you have a full-size supermarket 2 minutes away? There is a convenience store literally next door to Random, though, which is open 24 hours a day—useful for 3AM Ben & Jerry’s runs! The proximity of Star allows Randomites to save money by buying our own food, and our kitchens (and substantial stock of community cookware) allow us to cook food in style. As much style as we can in a dorm, anyway.

We have lots of fun and exciting events planned for CPW. My co-Rush Chair and I will be running around, making sure everything’s in order—so if you see us, say hi!

Speaking of which, there’s some event preparation I have to do. See you during CPW, or if you can’t attend CPW and have questions/concerns/comments/anything you want to talk about, send us an email at ask-jarthur@mit.edu.

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  1. 1 Illix

    c.c Wikipedia might just possibly theoretically say that because I told it to say that…


  2. 2 assassin

    hola mundo

  3. 3 Green Stool

    Star Market is right next door and very convenient—who needs a convenience store when you have a full-size supermarket 2 minutes away?
    Green Stool