A little snapshot of how excited we are for CPW, courtesy of BMF’s mildly internet-famous Dinosaur Comics Whiteboard (for the original entry about the whiteboard, see Riv’s post)

(Click on “more” to see close-ups of the panels!)

CPW is going to be awesome! I am so totally psyched to see you all.

3 Responses to “Dinosaur Comics (again) and CPW”  

  1. 1 ternus

    But the Devil doesn’t have a PS2!

  2. 2 kristin '11

    You guys win the internet. I am so pumped for Pants Pants Revolution, you have no idea. None.

  3. 3 teh_amazing_rando

    ZOMG! A prefrosh that wants to go to MY event!!!11

    And SHE says that we win teh internetz!!!!11cos(0)

    That roxorz my soxors.