Quite a while ago, Yoz and I had this crazy idea to make a mural of Dinosaur Comics. But how could we pick just one to paint? With an eye on extensibility, we came up with a plan involving reuse@mit.edu, a whiteboard, and a shopping cart. This was before the 290-side stairwell had Random Nucleic Acid, so when we brought our whiteboard to Random, we realized that the best way to get it upstairs was to get a bunch of people to cluster around the stairwell and pass it vertically upwards (sort of like it was crowdsurfing, but up). We were lame and didn’t do anything for a long time, but eventually we figured out what kind of paint sticks to whiteboards, brought the projector up from AIW, and painstakingly traced and colored in the image from the comic. Preeya helped us a lot with this (she’s a sophomore who was a new freshman when we first retrieved the whiteboard). It turned out that we also had to put a special glaze on top of the paint so it wouldn’t chip as readily. Finally, ninjas hung it on the wall of the hallway between BMF and Clam…

(Click on “more” to see pictures!)

2 Responses to “Hey look, a new shiny thing!”  

  1. 1 Andrew

    Dason, While your’s is a pretty sweet idea, one of the problems that comes with it is that it’s hard to find a transparent surface (especially one that large) that will resist smearing and staining by the dry-erase markers. A friend of mine used overhead transparencies for a personal message board, but it started to become a greyish brown after a month or so.

    Adam has a fairly neat idea with the sticker. One reason is that they can be affixed to many surfaces (white board, window, etc.) while allowing for the erasing of dry-erase, markers. However, I have also seen window ‘stickers’ that are essentially piece’s of plastic that stick to window’s without an adhesive, that could likely be used in the same fashion without leaving an adhesive residue. I usually see them as Wintertime decorations, in the shapes of snow-flakes and snowmen and the like.

  2. 2 Bernhard

    This is so awesome. Did you get any good coherent stories in the time it hung there?